Upper School

The Upper School offers robust, well-rounded academics, superb teaching, and an atmosphere that fosters leadership. This foundation, along with athletics, fine arts, a variety of clubs and service opportunities, encourages students to discover both their potential and their passions. Through Oakatone’s college-preparatory curriculum, rigorous course offerings, and engagement with educational technologies, students develop the critical, higher-order thinking skills necessary for success in college and beyond. They also develop character, which is a cornerstone of the Upper School experience, and is modeled by the entire Oakstone family.

Oakstone Academy High School is a learning environment with high expectations and a commitment to a quality, comprehensive education ensuring that all students achieve their maximum potential. We encourage every student to be a leader of change who thinks critically, not just for themselves but for the benefit of others. Our exceptional teachers concentrate on college preparation, using travel, field studies and a variety of other unique platforms to inspire learning.

OAHS strives to instill cooperation and a sense of community amongst teachers, students, and parents to define a path for higher learning. Students are encouraged to be independent and work with their teachers and school counselor to create a course of study relevant and most beneficial to their future goals. In addition, our curriculum and programming is designed to enrich students’ educational experiences, assisting each in developing personal strengths and talents.

  • National average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 482-to-1. Nearly double the 250-to-1 ratio recommended by The American School Counselor Association.
  • Oakstone’s 2020-21 ratio: 129-to-1

Students are evaluated by an integrated program. Student progress is measured using a variety of assessment procedures such as performance tasks, project-based learning, portfolios, curriculum-based measures, state assessments, off-year achievement tests, and extended-constructed responses exams. Students are able to demonstrate the skilled application of knowledge to solve complex problems in addition to rote-memorized

State standards, instructional goals, and individual student progress drive changes in classroom instruction. The principles of Universal Design are applied to provide built in supports for a wide continuum of learners in a single classroom. Universal Design for learning employs relevant and dynamic curricular materials and activities that permit a wide range of learners to accomplish challenging learning outcomes. Different pathways for student engagement in the curriculum enable students to receive information and express themselves in a variety of ways.
Oakstone Academy is fully invested in Ohio’s College Credit Plus program. Through College Credit Plus, high school students have the unique opportunity to take college courses during their regular school day, without ever having to ever leave the building. Oakstone Academy has partnered with Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) and Ohio Christian University (OCU) to provide these unique and beneficial experiences for our students. Oakstone Academy staff members serve as Adjunct Professors and students can experience college with familiar teachers, in a familiar environment, for no cost. Oakstone Academy instructs more than 30 college courses in English, Mathematics, History, Psychology, Business, Music, and Religion. Students also have the unique opportunity to take online classes through partnered college institutions, with teachers providing support and guidance in structured study periods. Oakstone Academy is focused on offering all students college opportunities during high school to help with their transition to college and to also eliminate some of the financial burden that comes with attending college. These opportunities benefit both students and families by providing an inexpensive way to earn college credit and help them get a jump start on their college studies.

  • Fall 2020 – 38% of OA High School students participate in dual-enrollment courses (CCP)
  • Average college credit earned by college-bound senior:
    • 2017: 9.25 credits
    • 2018: 14.5 credits
    • 2019: 17.25 credits
    • 2020: 18.55 credits
    • 2021: 19.05 credits
  • National Average: 66.7% of students who graduated high school in the spring of 2017 were enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year post-secondary program in the fall of 2017. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • OAHS Average: 2014-20: 95.2% of students who graduated from OAHS in the Spring of their senior year were enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year post-secondary program the following fall.
  • $11,973,000 in merit scholarship offerings. Average of $149,098 per OAHS student.