Middle School

The Middle School embraces a holistic approach, cultivating not only academic excellence but a sense of character rooted in confidence, respect for others, integrity, self-advocacy, and community-mindedness. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students and to inspire them to push boundaries and discover their full potential. At the Middle School, students are provided the opportunity to participate in several Upper School college-preparatory classes, along with earning college credit through the College Credit Plus program. Our clubs, fine arts and athletic programs provide students with an environment of healthy competition, teamwork, trust, and friendship.

The Middle School Program provides engaging and interactive instruction to students in 6th through 8th grades. Oakstone offers core curriculum in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish. Our holistic approach to presenting material allows students to grasp the concept being learned in meaningful and effective ways leading to higher levels of critical thinking and application. Students also enjoy classes in art, music, physical education, health, and character education. Choir and band are also available to students in middle school.

At Oakstone Academy Middle School, we believe in the education of the whole student, including character and leadership development. In addition to academic success, personal and social success must be considered. Behaviorally speaking, we desire for our students to not simply react to rewards and consequences, but think about their behavior at a deeper level. Character education, leadership and service, is the foundation upon which our day to day is built. In addition to these traits being taught explicitly in the classroom, Oakstone staff is devoted to modeling these traits to students. Staff focus on utilizing the relationships they develop with students and teachable moments to integrate character development into daily academic instruction and experiences. Oakstone Academy Middle School students continue to explore and build upon their understanding and practice of the above traits. A structured character education course is provided to the 6th and 7th grades as a valuable elective that continues to reinforce development and understanding of these traits. School-wide incentive programs such as “You’ve Been Spotted” and “Stepping Up and Standing Out” positively recognize students who practice the character traits.

Oakstone Academy Middle School provides several opportunities for middle school students to earn college credit, while still attending middle school. Oakstone Academy is fully invested in Ohio’s College Credit Plus program. This program is open to all 7th-12th grade students. Through College Credit Plus, students have the unique opportunity to take college courses during their regular school day, without ever having to ever leave the building. Oakstone Academy has partnered with Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) and Ohio Christian University (OCU) to provide these unique and beneficial experiences for our students. Oakstone Academy staff members serve as Adjunct Professors and students can experience college with familiar teachers, in a familiar environment, for no cost. Oakstone Academy instructs more than 30 college courses in English, Mathematics, History, Psychology, Business, Music, and Religion. Students also have the unique opportunity to take online classes through partnered college institutions, with teachers providing support and guidance in structured study periods. Oakstone Academy is focused on offering all students college opportunities during both middle school and high school to help with their transition to college and to also eliminate some of the financial burden that it comes with. These opportunities benefit both students and families by providing an inexpensive way to earn college credit and help them get a jump start on their college studies.

Curriculum Details