Our Community: Athletic Facilities

Our Community: Athletic Facilities

Indoor Track
The indoor track was recently renovated and opened in late 2020. The track is used for a variety of athletic activities and an indoor recreational facility for our students. Additionally it serves as an indoor training facility for both off-season athletics and an inclement weather running area for cross country and track teams.

The gym (commonly referred to as the jungle) was completed in 2013. It serves as the home to the volleyball, cheer, and basketball teams at Oakstone. The gym features dual scoreboards, a sound system, and concessions area. During the day our students enjoy taking PE classes and hosting larger gatherings, performances, and academic fairs. The gym serves as our fine arts auditorium displaying a variety of musical and performing arts shows.

Oakstone Academy has a heated 5 lane 25-meter indoor pool that is fully equipped for competitive swimming and lessons.

We offer a variety of opportunities to our students, families, and staff members during the school year and summer months. One important goal at Oakstone Academy is to train middle and high school students interested in competitive swimming, particularly those who want to compete for swimming scholarships and eventually swim competitively at the college level.

Students will also be using the pool during the school year in conjunction with their Physical Education classes. These classes will focus on teaching students to swim or be more efficient swimmers through regular swimming lessons as well as other water activities that will also increase students overall health through exercise.

The possibilities are endless for this great resource. Ultimately it is our dream that every student will be able to swim and demonstrate water safety by the time they graduate from Oakstone Academy.

The pool is located in the Oakstone Academy Middle School and Upper School building.