Storie Cherry

Position: Alumni
Categories: Alumni

Storie Cherry transferred to Oakstone Academy from westerville schools in 2014 as a sophomore and graduated with the class of 2016. Though Storie was only a tiger for 2 years she was able to leave a lasting impact on our school. During her time as an Oakstone Tiger Storie was fully engaged in the community. She was captain of the cheer team, played volleyball, was a member of our In The Know team, and our key club. Anyone who knows Storie can tell you she has always been one to stick up for the little guy, fighting for equality and fair treatment for all people. After graduation Storie went on to attend Shawnee State University before transferring over to The Ohio state university to finish her degree in social work. During her time at Shawnee Storie was a part of several organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of those around her. She was secretary of Out Social Work, an organization committed to helping members of the LGBTQ+ community. Storie was also able to score an internship with The Center for Disability empowerment. During her time there she facilitated a peer group for young adults ages 12-24 teaching general life skills. But she didn’t stop there, Stroie went on to work with people living in assisted living homes to help them find appropriate housing that was affordable on their fixed incomes. As you can see Storie has a heart for the people and continues to be a voice for those in need. After transferring to OSU Storie took on a full time manager position at Zumiez to work her way through college. Even while working full time she was still able to obtain a 3.0 GPA! When asked what was the most important thing she took from her time as an Oakstone tiger, she had this to say “Always do what’s right and to always stick up for those who need it most even when no else will.” Like many tigers just like herself Storie has returned to Oakstone as part of our staff continuing to build up and give back to our students. The best part about bringing in our past students as a part of our staff is that they are able to offer words of wisdom to our current tigers. By having members of our staff like Storie we are able to build a community built upon unity and togetherness! To Storie Cherry we say thank you not only for being a tiger but for her perpetual determination to make the world around her a better place!